The atrocities and heresies of John Calvin

John Calvin on the Bible: In 1536 Calvin wrote: “The Bible is a knotty, difficult text, whose interpretation demands extensive knowledge. If brought into contact with it unceremoniously, many minds are upset and seized with confusion. The Bible is too old a text in too new a world.” Calvin completely disregarding the Biblical teaching ofContinue reading “The atrocities and heresies of John Calvin”

Some Scripture refuting Limited Atonement

God does not chose some to heaven and some to hell. The Calvinistic teaching of Limited Atonement is absolute heresy. If one single verse of Scripture remotely contradicts an opinion, doctrine, teaching, or ideology, then they are wrong and Scripture is true. 1 John 2:2 flat out says that Christ atoned for the sins of theContinue reading “Some Scripture refuting Limited Atonement”

The Flower of Hell – the TULIP gospel

Calvinism is seriously convoluted, as there are many views and aspects to it. I am not against Calvinism in general, but I am seriously against the TULIP theology of Hyper Calvinism which is Heresy of another Gospel. God does choose and select some for certain works like Prophet Samuel, John the Baptist, or Apostle Paul – but absolutely God DOES NOT choose andContinue reading “The Flower of Hell – the TULIP gospel”