Demonic origins of the “Serpent Seed” theology

Here’s some info that I think will clearly paint a picture of how evil and wicked the Charismatic Faith Healer and preacher William Branham is who is the founder of the heretical “Serpent Seed” theology – –

Evil Luciferian William Branham – had been hearing voices since he was seven years old. Finally, in May of 1946, Branham was commissioned by an “angel” (like Muhammad and Joseph Smith) “from God” to be the forerunner of the Second Coming of Christ. He was given two gifts: healing and the word of knowledge. His healing ministry was started and created then the cult of Branhamism, a sect of followers of William Branham. This sect then split from the Pentecostal Movement in the late 1950s when Branham began preaching strange doctrines.

The followers of William Branham believe that he is a prophet sent from God and that we are living in the Age of Laodicea or the final church age. They say that God revealed his word through William Branham (called Brother Branham), “Brother Branham is the Voice of God to we who are living in the end-time“. The beliefs of the “Branhamites” center around the teachings and revelations of William Branham, especially “The Revelation of the Seven Seals” and “The Seven Church Ages”. They do not believe in the Trinity and feel that the denominations do not have the full revelation of Jesus Christ.

Branham then by inspiration and teaching of those angels started promoting the famous “Serpent Seed” theology. “Serpent Seed” is based off of Luciferianism. Saying Eve had intimate sexual relations with Satan. This is pure heresy and not based on literally any Scriptural proofs. It’s completely made up off of mystic doctrines that “angels” taught Branham – just as lying angels taught Joseph Smith and Muhammad. These doctrines contradict scripture and thus are accursed of God. Eve ate the fruit of the tree, please show me literally 1 passage in all the Word of God that remotely justifies Branham’s ideology.

  • Genesis 3:1-7 clearly says that it was because they ate of the forbidden tree, not that Eve had sexual relations with Satan.
    • Romans 5:14 Scripture says clearly that sin came into the world by Adams transgression, not Eve having sexual relations with Satan.

Genesis 4:1 flat out says that Cain is the son of Adam and Eve, Cain IS NOT the offspring of Satan and Eve.

In fact, the only religion in all the world that remotely teaches intimacy with Satan is Luciferianism. Original old world Witchcraft teaches that a Witch must sleep with Satan and kiss his rear before being given power and a familiar spirit.

William Branham also famously denies and preaches against the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, condemning the belief that Jesus is God in the flesh, thus denying the clear word of Scripture that Jesus is the Christ the Mighty God Everlasting Father in the flesh.

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